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Updated on September 13, 2022

Alaska’s educational sector is evolving. Students hoping to further their education can take advantage of the educational opportunities in Alaska and teach future generations the value of learning. In their capacity, the government is also giving financial rewards to encourage present and future educators to continue living in Alaska and pursue extensive education there. The many advantages of master’s in education programs help recruit the highly educated, capable instructors that Alaska’s students need. 

Modern technology makes it possible for Institutions in Alaska to offer courses in Online, On-Campus, and Hybrid formats. With these channels in place, present and future graduates in Alaska Institutions will be able to succeed on a par with educators everywhere. 

Explore the institutions offering Master’s in Education Programs in Alaska; to learn more about how they can help you on the exciting path of achieving your professional and personal goals.

What Are the Masters In Education Programs in Alaska?

Online Master’s In Education Degree Programs

Alaska Pacific University

Accreditation: Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Degree Offered: Master of Science in Outdoor and Environmental Education (MSOEE)

Alaska Pacific University provides an On-Campus MS. in Outdoor and Environmental Education. The MSOEE academic program will prepare students for a variety of multidisciplinary outdoor education career fields through experiential education in real-world settings. Graduates will get the chance to create and present outdoor classroom instruction to Kellogg Field School students while integrating theory and practice.

The coursework areas in this program include;

  • Environmental and Outdoor Education
  • Learning Theory via Outdoor Education
  • Teaching Strategies for Experiential Education
  • Research Methods
  • Power of Location (Place) in Education
  • Curriculum Design for present Outdoor Educators 
  • Elective Skills and Expeditions: Sea, Mountaineering, Kayaking.

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University of Alaska Southeast

Accreditation: Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)

Degree Offered: Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership

The University of Alaska Southeast offers an online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. The degree program is created to equip candidates to work as teachers and administrators in Alaska. Candidates are prepared for the difficulties and opportunities that come with opting for positions as academic professionals in public schools.

On completion of the graduate program, students will be able to:

  • Articulate, uphold, and establish an educational philosophy that they will also put into action.
  • Recognize the impact of human development on learning and put this knowledge into practice.
  • Adjust instruction to student’s individual and cultural characteristics.

Admission requirements:

  • Complete the application form and a $60 non-refundable administrative fee 
  • Official transcript and an academic record showing a baccalaureate degree with a 3.0 GPA 
  • Three years of experience teaching in a public school

Wayland Baptist University

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

Degree Offered: Master of Education in Educational Administration.

Wayland Baptist University offers a Master of Education in Educational Administration. During the capstone project, the institution put in place; the Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) to examine (evaluate) instructional leadership in the course of a student’s practicum experience obtaining a license.

In the course of the program, candidates are assessed based on their potential to influence teaching and student learning. In addition, three tasks make up the PASL. Each of the three tasks will take place during the practicum of the student and will center on the role of the principal as a teacher leader.

Coursework areas include;

  • Application of Administrative Concepts
  • Campus Business Management 
  • Data Analysis in Educational Administration 
  • Instructional Leadership 
  • Introduction to School Administration 
  • Organizational Theory and Behavior
  • School Law
  • Supervision of Instructional Leadership
  • The Principalship 
  • Instructional Leadership 

Hybrid, Online Masters in Education Programs

University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) 

Accreditation: Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

Degree Offered: Master of Education in Educational Leadership

The University of Alaska offers an online/hybrid Master of Education in Educational Leadership to eligible applicants. The two-year graduate program at UAA is geared toward school leadership. The course of study fully prepares candidates who wish to obtain a master’s degree as well as an Alaska Type B Administrative Credential. The National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) standards for training school leaders are met by the educational leadership master’s degree program.

The coursework areas in this program include;

  • Organizational Change and Theory
  • Student Learning and Instructional Leadership
  • Politics, Ethics and Law in Leadership
  • School Resource Management and Allocation 

The best practices in school leadership are a major component of the curriculum, which also sets the foundation for a teacher or principal leadership roles. 

University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)

Accreditation: Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

Degree Offered: Master’s of Education in Secondary Education

UAF provides an Hybrid, Online Master’s of Education in Secondary Education. The graduate program combines detailed coursework with extensive field-based training. The curriculum is intended for candidates who already earned a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and are applying for their first teaching license.

The program offers disciplinary and multicultural methods for instructing students in a variety of modern learning settings. With one semester of comprehensive teaching experience and one semester of part-based student teaching, students engage in mentored, intensive, and supervised experiences within secondary classrooms. 

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Students accepted into the secondary postbaccalaureate licensure program are also accepted into the M.Ed. in secondary education. Without finishing the requirements for all programs, it is not possible to earn an M.Ed. in secondary education.

Frequently Asked Questions: Master’s in Education Programs in Alaska

How do I become a teacher in Alaska?

Initial Teaching Certifications: You must have a bachelor’s degree, be enrolled in or have completed a teacher education program, and pass the necessary exams to be licensed to teach in Alaska.

Is there a teacher shortage in Alaska?

Alaska Department of Education (DEED) that there is a teacher shortage in 22 school districts in our state. DEED keeps track of openings for first-day teachers.

Next Steps?

Follow the guide here and enroll in any of the Institutions of your choice. Remember, ensure to define your objectives before opting for any of the master’s in education programs in Alaska.

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