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Updated on November 3, 2022

Instructors are lifelong learners. In reality, learning is built into the majority of license programs for educators to ensure that they are consistently pursuing ongoing education to better their expertise. As the workforce changes in Delaware and other counties, a graduate degree demonstrates your commitment to expanding your credibility and knowledge of the educational sector. If you enjoy studying, majoring in education will open up employment options where teaching will be an essential component of your duties. Due to this, aspiring applicants need to consider some of the Best Master’s in Education Programs in Delaware.

Earning a master’s qualification can make it simpler for educators to advance to more senior roles in administration, management, and leadership. Many higher learning Institutions (High schools, Colleges, Universities) not only acknowledge the advantages of a master’s degree but also desire their employees to hold one.

Want to distinguish yourself from the competition? Here are a few of the Best Master’s in Education Programs in Delaware to consider.

Online Master’s in Education Programs in Delaware 

University of Delaware

Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Degree Offered: Masters of Education in Literacy, Master of Education in Teacher Leadership 

The University of Delaware offers M.Ed. in Literacy that trains current educators and teachers for licensure (certification) as a Literacy Reading specialist. In this program, students will develop in-depth knowledge of the evidenced and theoretical foundations of writing and reading. Also, candidates will plan linguistically and culturally relevant literacy pedagogy for all learners in the classroom. They will also interact/engage with school leaders and colleagues to participate in valuable development opportunities.

Furthermore, graduates will learn how to deliver and plan personalized literacy pedagogy to native English speakers and English learners in responsive ways; while also supporting them in using digital literacy tools.

Also, the M.Ed in Teacher Leadership enables current PK-12 instructors to gain an in-depth understanding of school-based teacher leadership positions and responsibilities. The program aligns with the National Teacher Leadership Standards developed by the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium. 

The curriculum meets the demands of licensed educators and certified teachers who aim to pursue a  graduate degree that trains them to pursue job roles as demonstration teachers, department chairs, professional development specialists, curriculum coaches, e.t.c. In addition, the core objectives of the course are to develop educators who can:

  • Mentor and coach others
  • Leverage advanced technology to foster collaboration
  • Use the skills, knowledge, and dispositions of a teacher practitioner (leader) to aid them in leading from the classroom
  • Systematically look at school- and classroom-based data to ascertain the learners’ needs & collaboratively choose intervention methods
  • Apply understanding and knowledge about various schools/colleges when developing “culturally relevant” professional development

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Wilmington University

Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

Degree Offered: Master of Arts in Secondary Teaching (6 to 12), Master of Education in Applied Technology in Education 

Wilmington University provides an MA in Secondary Teaching for practitioners or students with graduate or undergraduate degrees in subject areas taught in high- and -middle-level schools. The curriculum offers candidates the professional preparation crucial for certification and licensure in the selected content area; to meet the social and academic needs of learners in grades 6 to 12.

The program is created on the tenets that instructors must be aware of various social demands and expectations, including emotional, social, physical, and cognitive needs, to be able to address & diagnose individual developmental and learning requirements. With the knowledge gained, graduates can make vital decisions about what- and -how to teach in the era of sporadic knowledge explosion.

A few of the coursework areas in this program include;

  • Planning for Instruction
  • Reading in Content Areas
  • Teacher Leadership and Collaboration
  • Ethical Practice and Professional Learning
  • Education of Diverse Populations & Exceptional Children
  • School in a Multicultural Society
  • Instructional Strategies in Secondary Education
  • Technology for Instruction
  • Adolescent Growth & Development
  • Classroom Culture & Student Behavior
  • Pedagogical/Practicum Approaches to Teaching in the High and Middle School

Hybrid Master’s in Education Programs in Delaware 

Delaware State University

Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

Degree Offered: Master of Education in Educational Leadership 

Delaware State University provides an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership that seeks to develop transformative school leaders via new insights into leadership models and frameworks for the twenty-first century that enable diverse, equitable, inclusive, safe, and compassionate learning environments to foster a positive school culture. The program promotes personal and academic excellence through demanding/rigorous learning experiences in strategic leadership, reflective & ethical leadership, instructional leadership, and community leadership.

This degree aims to equip educators with in-depth competencies, knowledge, and dispositions to address school leadership issues. Also, the program trains leaders who can:

  • Show a solid dedication to diversity issues by accepting and respecting various perspectives, values, and cultures;  to affect student learning
  • Demonstrate competency in critical thinking, digital literacy, and problem-solving techniques; to assist students in thriving in the modern world
  • Engage a variety of stakeholders and the community in data gathering, strategic planning, assessment, and the application of sound research to pressing practical issues and implementation procedures that enhance the school’s academic environment


Final Notes!

Take out time to read through this article one more time. After that, make your decisions based on the outline of the Best Master’s in Education Programs in Delaware, as seen in this post. Remember: all institutions on this list are accredited by reputable government bodies.

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